Welcome to TK Ranch Cattle Company, home to our “team” of quality registered Longhorns! We are located on the scenic Willow City Loop, just north of Fredericksburg, Texas. Much research has gone into “drafting” our “A” team of quality Longhorn cows with great pedigrees and massive horns. These Longhorn cows are championship quality and are currently bred to some top notch “1st string” bulls which will be our foundation team for the future. Stay a while and check out the “stats” of the TK Ranch Cattle Company longhorn team.
We are glad you have stopped by our website. Take a minute to look over our “game plan” on the tabs above. We would also love to give you the “play by play” (ranch tour) in person anytime you are in the area.
 God Bless Texas and Hook’em Horns!!

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